The new IG uniform

When I bought this ruffled shirt from Zara, I was so excited. I loved the dramatic silhouette. I knew automatically I was going to pair it with my new Levi 501 Skinny jeans. I thought I was so fashion forward and chic for picking such a daring piece. Really, I was just delusional and conceited. 

Literally the next day, I saw the exact same outfit all over Instagram. Did we all download the same trend memo in our dreams? Are these beautiful fashion bloggers stalking me? Because as you know, I'm just so cool and totally awesome! Or have they always been there, but I'm just too jaded from all the Instagram posts to even realize that I've been brainwashed by them this whole time? That as much as I detest the phrase, they are indeed "digital influencers"? 

I think the answer is clear: I need to tone down my splendor a bit.