Gucci please

This outfit was what I intended on wearing for a date night with David at Cafe Juanita. We've been looking forward to try this local favorite for quite some time. As I performed my pre-dinner ritual of drooling over Yelp photos of all the delicious food I will be stuffing into my mouth, I realized this cute cropped top will not be able to contain my inevitably engorged stomach. As a matter of fact, even at a sitting position, I was still vulnerable to some... spillage. I ended up storing the top into the deepest corner of my closet, and changing into a looser and more forgiving option for the night. The cropped top is now only reserved for moments when I'm standing still, sucking in, and mostly bundled under a thick coat. A la this blog post.

Now that I've gotten the outfit disclaimer out of the way, let me finally gush about the Gucci Marmont bag that I've recently purchased!

Like many, I have been admiring the new Gucci revamp since Alessandro Michele's reign began. Talk about a fashion revolutionary moment! I was both inspired and overwhelmed by the excessiveness of his Gucci. I loved how unapologetic and eclectic Gucci has become. It even made me fantasized about incorporating more colors, floral prints, berets, oversized glasses, and anything maximist into my wardrobe. At the end, I wimped out and decided the easiest way to acquire some Gucci swagger was a handbag.

From the beginning, I was sure the Dionysus was the one for me. However, when I saw the new pearl studded Marmont flap at the Maui Gucci store, I was won over by its beauty and surprising practicality. Not to mention, my son, who's entered the parrot phase of his toddlerhood, was chanting "Gucci bag! Gucci bag!" He must've quickly picked up these words when I exclaimed them upon entering the store. The final trigger was when the sales associate informed me that all the handbags were 25% off!! Something about how Hawaii needs to compete with Asian prices? Um... ok?! Sounds good to me! I artfully explained to David how I would be losing money if I didn't purchase at least one bag. And if you didn't know already, shopaholics with zero financial background give the most sound investment advice. Lucky for me, he was sweet enough to buy into my bullshit math. Well, that combined with my well-trained son's relentless chanting made us a very convincing and powerful sales duo.

Yes, we are available for hire on your next shopping trip.