Project: Living Room


Can’t believe we’ve moved into the “new” house for about 7 months now! With a baby, it’s been hard to unpack, let alone decoroate. Not going to lie, there are still a bunch of boxes in the garage that we have conveniently forgotten.

So as I continue to ignore those boxes…

One of my 2016 resolution is to get started on my formal living room. When we first moved into the house, my husband claimed the game room, and I took custody of our living room. I wanted the room to be feminine, sophisticated, and romantic. Originally, I was going to stick to the French Country style, that the house already has. However, as I traveled down the design rabbit hole, I realized that I was not ready to completely let go of the modern style. With the help of my talented friend, Jenny, and the magic of Photoshop; I think we’ve came up with some great options in mixing the two.


Option 1: The ivory tufted sofa and the pale Louis XV style chairs make a very formal, yet feminine pairing, which is exactly what I was going for. The only thing that make me doubt this option is that my Tom Dixon coffee table seems out of place, as it is the only modern piece of furniture in the room. Don’t ask me to give up my coffee table! I love this piece too much to part with it. It is my mission to incorporate this table into my design.


Option 2: I don’t think it gets more French Country than this simple slipcover sofa with Louis XV style chairs combination. The sofa is a neutral style and seems comfortable. Almost “too” comfortable. Contrary to most people’s wish list for a cozy sofa, I actually don’t want a sofa that’s “too” relaxed. Since I already have a separate family room (where we do most of our relaxing), I wanted this room to be slightly more formal. With a tiny dash of “hoity toity” if you will. Well, just enough so guests will be careful where they set their drinks, and not be tempted to curl up for a nap on the sofa.


Option 3: I love love LOVE this French style sofa! The shape is very regal, but the gray linen fabric tones down the formality. This combination with the tufted chairs is basically the reverse of Option 1. Naturally, it runs into the same problem as Option 1, where my coffee table seems to be out of place again.


Option 4: With Pantone declaring one of its 2016 color being Rose Quartz, I have been reminded my love for pink. These dusty pink velvet covered Milo Baughman inspired chairs came just in time. Not only were they the modern juxtaposition I’ve been searching to counter the overly romantic sofa, they were also the perfect piece to tie in the Tom Dixon coffee table. They’re both square with brass legs. Perhaps too matchy? Now I’m worried that the sofa looks out of place…


Option 5: Then these beautiful swivel chairs, covered in the same adorable dusty pink velvet, appeared before me. with their brass legs and curved backs, they’re kind of the offsprings of the sofa and table. The best part about these chair are the pleated details on the back, which remininsce an ultra sexy chair designed by Kelly Wearstler that I’ve always admired.

So it looks like I’m going to start my room design base on Option 5. I love the contrast between the modern and classic styles. It’s eclectic and interesting, yet still elegant and delightful.

My husband shook his head at me, after he realized that I’ve just spent all this time analyzing 3 pieces of furniture. I’m about to deepen his disappointment in me by telling him that this is only the beginning. More to come!

Gilded mirror
Coffee table
White tray
Diptyque candle in Baies
Traditional rug
Geometric rug
Moroccan style rug
Chevron hide rug
Tufted sofa
Louis XV style chairs
Slipcover sofa
French style sofa
Tufted chairs
Dusty pink velvet covered modern chairs
Dusty pink velvet covered swivel chairs



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