off the shoulder is off the chain


from my previous post and instagram, it’s safe to say that off the shoulder style has been my favorite trend this summer. this style has been a god send, since in the last couple of weeks: my belly’s finally popped! i have graduated from maybe to definitely! unfortunately, this meant that some of my usual problem areas have also grown with the baby (i.e. arms, thighs, and butt). the off the shoulder trend came just in time to cover my “fatty” parts and only shows the less meaty parts. i especially love this vava by joy han dress. with its romantic details, it really distracts from my troubled spots.

for our one last hurrah, the hubby and i took the pups to napa for a little babymoon. we also took advantage of the warm california light and shot a few of these maternity memorabilia. ok, i might have “accidentally” exhaled and arched my back a little too much in the last photo, which resulted in the more exaggerated belly… but i was just really excited to finally show off my badge of honor!



vava by joy han off the shoulder dress
raga lace dress from my instagram
report booties (similar)
topshop flower crown (similar)
albeit chevron necklace
snake cuff (similar)
albeit twisted bracelet