a new chapter


sorry for the lack of updates! since it’s been a while since the last time we’ve talked, i guess you can say life is a little different. the biggest change is… we’re expecting our first baby!

YAY!!! pop the confetti’s, release the doves, light the fireworks, cue the choir! congratulations to us!

ok, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get to the real stuff.

while i’m excited for the new addition to our little family, i have to admit that being pregnant is EVEN LESS glamorous than i have previously imagined. without going into the obvious discomfort and inconvenience, maternity fashion alone is giving me a run for my money.

true to all the text books, i’ve spent the first trimester in hell, aka morning (all day) sickness. the last thing i wanted to think about was what outfit would be cute for my next trip to the toilet. unfortunately, the 8 lbs i’ve lost was wasted on sweat pants and old t-shirts. by the time i was feeling like myself again, i’ve entered the “is-she-fat-or-is-she-pregnant” phase. i’ve been stuck in this phase for a couple of months now, and i still haven’t figured out how to dress this awkward body. i can’t seem to bring myself to embrace the bulge on my belly, since it just doesn’t look like a baby to me yet. this means, i’ve been living in my baggiest boyfriend jeans (the only pants that fit me) and loosest shirts. if people weren’t sure i was chubby or pregger before, they are probably sure about one thing… i look like a big old heifer. i finally caved and bought a pair of maternity jeans a couple days ago. being in a pair of skinny jeans again has given me a sudden surge to make more of an effort in this mystery called, maternity fashion. i’m still not brave enough to venture out to the form fitting dresses yet, but for now, a pair of skinny jeans with a flowy top will have to do.

baby steps. baby steps.



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