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this is my poor man’s tribute to alexander wang’s spring 2013 collection, which is one of my favorite collections this spring. i tried to imitate his structured fluidity and the genius way he plays with sheer and solid to create depth on a monochromatic canvas. i paired the all white assemble with a row of gold rings from asos, reminiscence of balenciaga’s super popular rings set. as cute as these rings are, they are also extremely uncomfortable. i think it’s definitely one trend i won’t be practicing often.





asos top
zara skort
zara heels
jennifer meyer necklace
asos nail ring
asos rings set
tom ford lipstick in black orchid


  • Paul

    wow beautiful

  • lauriel

    Hello! You left a comment on my blog a while back, and I belatedly made my way here.

    I love your style – both that of your outfits and interior design. Very clean, refreshing, & chic. I’d love to follow your blog, but… it looks like you haven’t updated it for a while. Totally understandable, life happens. But, hoping that you’ll come back to write (and shoot). :)

    super-cool ring set, particularly the nail ring addition. Too bad it’s not comfortable, but it’s definitely an eye-catching statement.

    ~ lauriel

  • Helen

    Such a great look! Very Alexander Wang indeed :)

  • Sarah


    This is beautiful sweetie, you look really stunning. Dress is insane and those heels are to die for.

    Gorgeous hair, keep up the brilliant work huni, I adore your blog – FACT!


  • Tamara

    That outfit is gorgeous! I can’t believe that’s a skort…


    Tamara B.
    LilMissStyle Blog

  • Ashley Udoh

    I love the collection and I love your interpretation of it. Especially love the Zara skirt.

  • Olya

    Love love love everything about your look! :-) Very pretty.

  • Michelle Christensen

    Love this look :DD
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    come visit my new-opned blog


  • Kassy

    I love everything about this look…. your rings, everything! xxx

  • N@NY

    You dress the best , cool shoes sweetie ,
    & lovely hair in these pics ,

    Am following you with Bloglovin , Wanna make my day & follow me back ?


    Come by for a visit & check my latest ( random fashion haul from here & there )

    ( )


  • ILLA

    I absolutely love this outfit, mainly those unpractical rings! :D
    hope to see them often, at least in pictures :P
    xxx ILLA —— check out my newest post

  • style Id Net

    Beautifully done! I think you accomplished that and more.
    ** Styleidnet INSTAGRAM **
    ** Style Id Net **
    * Bloglovin *

  • Filipa

    I just found your blog! You are so beautiful and you have an amazing style, keep doing!

    Hope you can follow me

  • Manobeina

    gorgeous post! i couldnt pick a favorite item i just love everything

    much love from NYC

  • Jacy

    Love your Zara skort! The asymmetrical hemline is so pretty and unique!


  • The Crush

    Doesn’t look like a poor attempt for me!
    It is such a great look! So classy and epural, I love it :)


  • jane

    The PERFECT outfit. I love everything! Well done, it’s brilliant. I’m glad I discovered your blog, it’s definitely a cool one!

  • Jo

    I love the white ensemble and your rings! They are so cool!

    xo Jo

  • rach

    cant believe i only jus found your blog! you have such amazing style:) that skirt is so gorgeous on you!
    australian fashion blog
    australian fashion blog

  • danielle

    this looks great on you, love the rings!


  • QueenLina
  • navy & orange

    just did a similar post! great minds

    xoxo navy & orange

  • elle [wonderfelle world]

    I love the all white look – it’s so chic! And the bold lip is perfection!!

  • Victoria

    Yvonne, you are too good. Your tribute to Alexander Wang Spring 2013 is amazing, and you did it with lovely affordable pieces :) I love it, and will definitely use this as inspiration.

    BTW, it’s me, Victoria :) Just wanted to let you know I decided to close my other place and start over. Check it out and let me know what you think as I always value your opinion & comments! <33

    • yvonne

      i was wondering where you went! so glad you’re back!

  • issa

    the all white, those shoes, the accessories. perfect girl.

    wanna follow each other?


  • Emily

    Loving this outfit! And loving those green nails.
    Isn’t That Charming.

  • Audrey (hkittygirl)

    Haha, that’s so funny. I was about to tell you that your shoes looked very Alexander Wang. I loved his SS 2013 collection and the shoes were so genius! I’m thinking of purchasing one of his glow-in-the-dark purses. (:

    • yvonne

      o my gosh, i WISH my outfit was glow in the dark. the man is a genius!

  • Tracy

    I love your nail ring and your ring set. Your outfit is so great.

  • lisa

    ohhh love the stark white on you yvonne!! you look amazing!! i know what you mean i’ve tried the wide multi gold rings and i just couldn’t get use to it! it was so uncomfortable!!

    ohh i don’t have a go to red lippy color.. i keep trying them because i haven’t found a fav yet haha.. but right now i’m loving this NYX lip cream in monte carlo.. it’s the one i was wearing in the post where i found the gold filigree dress :)

    • yvonne

      i know! i love the look though, but it never last for more than 1 hour.

  • thehautecookie

    what in the- ? ok first of all ! i have the exact same rings and skirt!! It’s so interesting to notice we have similar style and tend to eye and buy the same things- love your style and blog. xO!

    • yvonne

      that’s what i keep saying! no wonder i love everything on your blog, it’s cuz we have such similar taste!

  • Joanna

    You can never go wrong with an all white outfit and vampy lipstick.

    • yvonne


  • S

    So chic outfit!!!
    Love your shoes!

  • Mica

    Lovely all-white outfit :) I like the cut of the skirt :)

    Away From Blue

  • Meghan

    Love the all white and pop of red lips , so chic.

    Meghan Silva’s Blog

  • Terry Kim

    great coordination- love everything about this outfit! i also just bought the same zara skort in black :D

    Love Me to Pieces

  • Jess L

    I’m speechless! This is an amazing ode to Wang. I love all white so your pairing strikes a chord with me. :)

  • shades of voguish

    I have been thinking of buying the same skort and I think you convinced me. you look great!


    • yvonne

      the skort is definitely one of my fav zara design this season!

  • oomph.

    the black orchid is GOR-G-OUS! pretty against the all white, too!

  • Juliette Laura

    Obsessed with this outfit!

    Juliette Laura

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