email … FAILED!

i just realized that my email was not set up on my iphone.  since that’s the only way i know to check my emails, i just assumed i’m a loner and no one wanted to talk to me.  then today i finally decided to send myself a test email and realized that IT’S NOT SET UP!!!  as it turns out, a bunch of people wanted to talk to me!  i am trying to go through all the emails right now, so please bear with me.  i promise i am NOT ONE OF THOSE people that ignore other people’s email.  i will get back to you!  SORRY!!!!!!!!


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Shame hun, I feel for you. I have like 500 emails a day that I need to reply to, no jokes and I struggle to keep up… I need an assistant to just answers my emails… lol any way hope you are having a lovely wknd ! xx


i know, right!? stupid phone.. or stupid me…

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