what’s in my givenchy nightingale?

here’s my post inspired by the popular blog game, what’s in my bag.  to be honest, my bag is actually way messier than this.  i sort of cleaned up a little, but i kept some receipts in there as a representation of the usual mess (think double the amount of receipts shown here and random napkins i like to pick up for emergency cleaning… eek!).  what can i say?  i’m a total pig.  oink, oink!  another confession:  i switch between bags a lot, so this is what my bag would look like if i’ve committed to it for more than 2 weeks.

a couple of notes on the jun… er… i mean stuff in my bag:  i always end up keeping a piece of shiny bracelet in it.  you never know when you’ll need a little sparkle for a sudden night out on the town.  the scarf and gloves are obviously for when it gets chilly, but also if i needed to add a pop of color to my outfit.  i don’t usually wear them at the same time, since the colors and patterns kind of clash with each other, but if it gets cold enough… then i’ll make it work.  the fresh sugar chapstick, of course…  it’s the best thing i’ve ever put on my lips.  it’s so smooth and soft, it just melts right into the skin.  also, the bath and body works paraffin hand cream is a must.  it moisturizes so well without being sticky and it really does make the roughest hands feel like silk.  i’m kind of lazy when it comes to skincare, but these 2 products are definitely part of my daily regiment.

hope you had fun snooping through my bag!  if you have a post on what’s in your bag, let me know and i’ll be sure to check it out!

givenchy nightingale bag
floral scarf
kate spade gloves
sonia rykiel wallet
bath and body paraffin hand lotion
trader joe’s green tea mints
stella mccartney perfume
fresh sugar lip treatment
h&m makeup pouch
j crew bracelet
world food feed 100 grocery bag



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Love this post! I did a what’s in my bag post last week! I love peeking into others bags, to see what goodies they have!


cool, i’ll have to come over for a peek!


fun! thanks for sharing!! i’m afraid i’d have to clean up my bag first, too! i’m also a collector of napkins..lol. i will definitely get around to this post, though!



hahaha! not many people are as honest as we are about our napkin collecting habits!


That scarf is too cute!

Amy S.

Love the scarf! Bag is not messy at all. I thinks its normal.


yay to the feed bag! i got mine from whole foods, but they don’t sell it anymore. 🙁


haha i’ve always thought about doing this “game” as well .. and it’s interesting what others have in their bags 😉
hope you’re fine!!
xxx love



DO IT!!! i want to see!


what a fun post! i think it’s so fun to see what other girls carry in their bag. it makes me feel like i’m not the only crazy one with all sorts of stuff in my bag! lol.

i was at a work function one time and my boss got up to make a speech. someone realized it was a big moment and no one had a camera. i pulled out my dslr and my co-workers where amazed! lol.

i will have to do this post someday. 🙂


nice, youa! you are P-R-E-P-A-R-E-D!


I’ve always loved these posts. It’s definitely my nosier side coming out. It’s just so exciting to see what people love so much to pack in their bags for their daily journeys. Great post. Love your handbag.


your bag is stunning!! Mine is way messier that that 😛


Haha! I did clean up a bit for the photos. It’s usually messier. I’m ashamed when I see how clean others what’s in my bag are!


Thank you for posting about your hand lotion. I swear, I have the most driest hands in the planet. It looks really scary if i I don’t put anything on them. I have to try the product you use.


Yes! I swear by it! I’m usually not a bath and body girl, but this is my absolute fav. And it’s cheap!


hey! I have the same Stella travel size perfume! hehe. Great post! NOW i WANNA do a “whats in my purse”blog post toO!


Do it!!!!!

Anna Luong

oh such a good idea to keep the grocery bag in your purse!! i always end up buying so many of those bags and leaving them at home! i’ll make a note to remember for next time!



i loved this post!! i can’t help but drool over your givenchy bag.. the pebbling is so gorgeous! i also really love your jcrew bracelet i love the chunky chain and the pave crystals!

i did a what’s in my bag post awhile back too dunno if you saw it hehe.


Oooh I’ll have to go find that post!


I loooove what’s in the bag posts! It’s so much fun to watch all thingies we girls carry around, this can say so much about a girl! … what I see? you are such a girly girl, and I love it! … That J.Crew bracelet is so pretty and chunky, been on the hunt for one, now I’ve found it, problem is it belongs to you, ha!

<3 Cess O.


Yea you’re right! I am a girly girl. :p
I’ll keep an eye out for you on the bracelet!


Cute jumble of pretty little things 🙂 I love the floral scarf. That bag is amazing! xx-Jackie


Cool! I’ll go check it out now!


I always love these posts! Its so fun to see what others deem necesssary to have on them at all times. Thanks for the good post!

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