90’s kid

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One of my friends and I are going to relive our youth and attend a 90’s concert this summer, which couldn’t have come at a better time! The 90’s fashion is back with a vengeance this year, and I’m so excited about this trend. This is not only the era of first kiss and awkward adolescence, it’s also where I began to discover my style; pick my own clothes; and solidify my love for fashion.

This outfit is a potential option for the concert. I don’t think it gets more 90’s than a choker and Levi cutoffs. My only concern is that my legs will be feasted on by bugs and mosquitos comes evening. To be practical, I might bring a backpack instead and pack a change of clothes. Perhaps these mom jeans will be the perfect replacement!


ASOS off shoulder cardigan
Levi’s shorts (more distressed version,  white version)
Forever 21 choker
ASOS shoes
Celine bag (NEED this one in my life)

New romantics

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This romantic blouse is another cool find from my recent Forever 21 shopping spree. I love how the lace sleeves add an elegant Victorian flare to the otherwise basic peasant blouse.

On a separate note, these photos just confirmed that my hair is in desperate need of a good trim and style. After going through a traumatic postpartum hair loss (postpartum hair loss is no joke!), I’ve been diligently growing out my hair. Now, it’s kind of in this shapeless mess. I’m tempted get a long bob or add bangs… Eh, who am I kidding? I’m the laziest person when it comes to hair styling. I’m not going to be be able to keep up with the daily maintenance and hassle. A trim it is.



Forever 21 blouse
Rag & Bone jeans
Daisy Street sandals
Celine bag

Hello, it’s me.

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Whoa, it’s been more than a year since I’ve posted an outfit entry! The reason for the lack of physical presence is none other than postpartum body image issues. Well, it’s more like the usual body image issues PLUS postpartum body havocs. I know, I know… All I do on this blog is either ignoring it or complaining about my weight insecurities, so I’ll spare you the tears today.

Lately, I’ve been having really good luck in finding cute clothes from affordable high street retailers. Case in point, this relaxed and girly assemble. The slouchy, oversized sweater is only around $20 and the delicate, daisy skirt is on sale for $12! Of course, I’ve always liked to elevate any budget friendly outfits with a fancy bag. Speaking of fancy bag… I’m so in love with this Chloe Georgia bag! It’s in the prettiest neutral camel color, which is the perfect shade for when a black bag is just too stark or harsh for the outfit. Not to mention, the leather is so supple and soft. I have a feeling this will be my go to bag this spring and summer.



Boohoo sweater
Forever 21 skirt
Chloe bag (with a little spin)
Report booties (similar)

Project: Living Room

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Can’t believe we’ve moved into the “new” house for about 7 months now! With a baby, it’s been hard to unpack, let alone decoroate. Not going to lie, there are still a bunch of boxes in the garage that we have conveniently forgotten.

So as I continue to ignore those boxes…

One of my 2016 resolution is to get started on my formal living room. When we first moved into the house, my husband claimed the game room, and I took custody of our living room. I wanted the room to be feminine, sophisticated, and romantic. Originally, I was going to stick to the French Country style, that the house already has. However, as I traveled down the design rabbit hole, I realized that I was not ready to completely let go of the modern style. With the help of my talented friend, Jenny, and the magic of Photoshop; I think we’ve came up with some great options in mixing the two.


Option 1: The ivory tufted sofa and the pale Louis XV style chairs make a very formal, yet feminine pairing, which is exactly what I was going for. The only thing that make me doubt this option is that my Tom Dixon coffee table seems out of place, as it is the only modern piece of furniture in the room. Don’t ask me to give up my coffee table! I love this piece too much to part with it. It is my mission to incorporate this table into my design.


Option 2: I don’t think it gets more French Country than this simple slipcover sofa with Louis XV style chairs combination. The sofa is a neutral style and seems comfortable. Almost “too” comfortable. Contrary to most people’s wish list for a cozy sofa, I actually don’t want a sofa that’s “too” relaxed. Since I already have a separate family room (where we do most of our relaxing), I wanted this room to be slightly more formal. With a tiny dash of “hoity toity” if you will. Well, just enough so guests will be careful where they set their drinks, and not be tempted to curl up for a nap on the sofa.


Option 3: I love love LOVE this French style sofa! The shape is very regal, but the gray linen fabric tones down the formality. This combination with the tufted chairs is basically the reverse of Option 1. Naturally, it runs into the same problem as Option 1, where my coffee table seems to be out of place again.


Option 4: With Pantone declaring one of its 2016 color being Rose Quartz, I have been reminded my love for pink. These dusty pink velvet covered Milo Baughman inspired chairs came just in time. Not only were they the modern juxtaposition I’ve been searching to counter the overly romantic sofa, they were also the perfect piece to tie in the Tom Dixon coffee table. They’re both square with brass legs. Perhaps too matchy? Now I’m worried that the sofa looks out of place…


Option 5: Then these beautiful swivel chairs, covered in the same adorable dusty pink velvet, appeared before me. with their brass legs and curved backs, they’re kind of the offsprings of the sofa and table. The best part about these chair are the pleated details on the back, which remininsce an ultra sexy chair designed by Kelly Wearstler that I’ve always admired.

So it looks like I’m going to start my room design base on Option 5. I love the contrast between the modern and classic styles. It’s eclectic and interesting, yet still elegant and delightful.

My husband shook his head at me, after he realized that I’ve just spent all this time analyzing 3 pieces of furniture. I’m about to deepen his disappointment in me by telling him that this is only the beginning. More to come!

Gilded mirror
Coffee table
White tray
Diptyque candle in Baies
Traditional rug
Geometric rug
Moroccan style rug
Chevron hide rug
Tufted sofa
Louis XV style chairs
Slipcover sofa
French style sofa
Tufted chairs
Dusty pink velvet covered modern chairs
Dusty pink velvet covered swivel chairs


my black friday and cyber monday finds

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here are just a few things i’m currently eyeing from the black friday and cyber monday sales:


  1. aquazzura belair pumps – i’m so obsessed with aquazzura shoes!
  2. aquazzura amanda pumps – talk about statement shoes!
  3. proenza schouler ps11 wallet on chain – i’ve been using the black one as my everyday bag. maybe it’s time to add the white to the repertoire as well.
  4. chloe mini elsie bag – mini bags are the cutest!
  5. givenchy micro box bag – givenchy bags are my weaknesses.
  6. givenchy mini pandora bag – i’m kind of having a thing for pastel blush right now.
  7. carven teddy bear coat – not sure if i can pull this off, but it’s so cute and looks so comfy!
  8. ag high rise flare jeans – i’ve always been a fan of high rise flares! so excited that they’re making a comeback.
  9. topshop long belted coat – can you tell i love camel color coats?

what kind of damages did you do this holiday sales season?

David Yurman’s Bubblegum Pinky Rings

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When it comes to accessories, rings are possibly the most easy to wear, and at the same time, it’s rings that we often pay the least attention to. After all, some rings are classic and timeless, and would go well with just about any outfit, and many of us probably have a go-to choice when it comes to rings.

For the last couple of years, we’ve seen many different trends in rings. My favorites have been the Balenciaga knuckle rings and the stacking of midi rings. Then recently I’ve discovered the pinky rings! And in particular the limited edition Bubblegum Pinky Ring by David Yurman.  I’ve always been a fan of his work and craftsmanship, which has helped inspire many in the industry to create statement pieces. Although he became known for his cable bracelet, “a twisted helix adorned with gemstones on its end caps,” these past few years have seen him create a range of beautiful earrings, neckpieces, and rings as well.

This season, David Yurman has introduced a fun collection of colorful rings entitled the Bubblegum Pinky Ring that just about anybody can enjoy. Created in a classic shape that’s reminiscent of the Treasure Box Ring found on Lyst, the Bubblegum Pinky Rings look like your usual signet rings, albeit a bit more fun as they come in pastel colors. However, they hold a little secret – each ring is made of scented resin, giving it a unique candy smell.

According to Vanity Fair, “The cutesy colors made of scented resin (and set in 18-karat gold) are sure to be a hit among the college set, but they’re also a fun addition for the more sophisticated woman.” And these designs seem to have come at the first time. No surprise, considering how Yurman had told NWI.com that his designs can take months to see the shelves. “It can takes less than six months for an idea to become a salable piece, but sometimes it’ll stew much longer if Yurman isn’t feeling in his gut that a design fits into current tastes — and he thinks that has been a key to his success.”

These adorable rings are now available on his website, and customers can choose from the following scents (and colors): Cotton Candy (light blue), Peppermint (white), Bubblegum (pink), Black (licorice), and Grape (purple). My picks are the licorice and cotton candy ones. Now if only my stubby fingers would suddenly become long and skinny, so I can stack up these sweet babies!

Although this post has affiliate links, all opinions are my own.

my “everyday” makeup and product reviews

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even though i’m a self-proclaimed makeup junkie, in reality, i actually spend almost every day in sweats and good ol’ moisturizer. when i say “everyday” makeup, i mean the rare occasions that i actually left the house and made an effort. my goal is usually “easy” and “natural” looking makeup. of course, scrolling down the list, one would hardly call 15 products “natural.” eh, tomayto, tomahto.

for the face:

amorepacific color control cushion compact in 204 – i love how light and moisturizing this cc cream/foundation feels. i would say the coverage is about light to medium. it makes my skin look glowy and natural, where my freckles still peak through. for medium to full coverage foundation, i love koh gen do maifanshi moisture foundation. however, i don’t like full coverage for “everyday” makeup, so the amorepacfic cushion works well for me. the 204 shade initially applies light on my NC35/NC40 skin, but eventually oxidizes to a closer match. i find the fragrance to be mostly tolerable.

nars radiant creamy concealer in custard – now that i don’t get as much sleep as i used to, the under eye circles are definitely coming out to play. i like how the nars concealer are indeed very creamy. they don’t dry out my skin and leave behind nasty looking cracked lines. it’s also heavy enough to cover some stubborn pigmentation. the custard shade is a little light for me, but the next shade up is ginger, which i find to be too orangey and slightly too dark.

chanel joues contraste powder blush in emotion – this is one of my favorite blushes. at first, i was worried that this pink would be too cool on my warm skin tone, but it’s actually very neutral. this blush is very pigmented, so a little goes a long way.

kevyn aucoin the sculpting powder in medium – i love that this contouring powder is a bit gray, and not at all orangey. the texture is very soft and fine, which gives me a lot of control. i usually apply this powder to trim down my jawline and mildly emphasize my cheek bones.

koh gen do maifanshi face powder – since i have dry skin, i rarely use loose powder. however, for the days when it’s really humid outside and i need my makeup to be more durable, i will dust on a very light application. this koh gen do loose powder contains hyaluronic acid, which is perfect for my dry skin. i never get any fine lines from this powder.

for the eyes:

tom ford eyeshadow quad in nude dip – i fought tooth and nail for this eyeshadow quad when it was first released as a limited edition product. now it has been promoted to their permanent collection. along with golden minks, nude dip is the eyeshadow quad i reach for the most. the texture is super smooth and buttery. the shades are rosey netutral on me.

k-palette 1 day tattoo real lasting eyeliner in super black – i use this eyeliner for my top lash line. i think they’ve recently changed their formula, and not for the better. it used to stay on my lids quite well, but now, i always end up with some transfer on my under eye area. time to find a new eyeliner.

chanel stylo yeux waterproof long-lasting eyeliner in black shimmer – sometimes i use this eyeliner along the outer, lower lash line because it’s more of a dark gray color, which has a softer effect than true black. however, i must admit that i’m not crazy about this eyeliner. even though it’s supposed to be “long-lasting,” it seems to fade within a couple of hours on my eyes. i think the giorgio armani eyes to kill waterproof eye pencil is better.

nyx jumbo eye pencil in cashmere – inspired  by the asian “youthful” bright eye makeup style, i apply this nyx jumbo eye pencil along my eyes’ inner corners and lower lash line. this golden shade is softer than the typical silver or white, which i find to be less harsh and subtler on my warm skin tone.

shiseido the makesup nourishing mascara base – my lashes are super coarse and stubborn. they usually stick straight down half an hour after i curl them. i need this mascara base to hold my curls. i’m not sure if it’s actually “nourishing,” but it sure is hard to remove. if i can get a way with not using it, i would.

giorgio armani eyes to kill excess mascara in black – it’s a pretty nice and super dark mascara, but i’m not attached to it. it gives me a some volume, but nothing to write home about.

shu uemura hard formula brow pencil in stone gray 05 – this is the perfect shade to match my jet black hair. it’s a really hard pencil, which gives me great control.

for the lips:

nars satin lip pencil in rikugien – i love nars’ chubby lip pencils! they’re a little less precise, but so fast and easy to use.

tom ford sheer lipstick in pink dune – since my last tom ford lipstick post, i have acquired even more lippies from mr. ford! one of them is this sheer lipstick from the summer collection. i absolutely love this shade. it gives my lips the most beautiful and natural pout. the sheer lipsticks are like its name – sheer. the lasting power is definitely not as long as the regular lipsticks, but they feel just as rich and moisturizing. pink dune seems to be sold out, but skinnydip (looks almost identical on me) is still available.

giorgio armani flash lip lacquer in 501 – half the time, i skip lip gloss though because they don’t usually last very long on my lips. however, when i do wear one, giorgio armani lip gloss has always been one of my favorite lip glosses. it’s not too sticky like most ones on the market. i really hate sticky lip gloss. there’s nothing sexy about constantly pulling hair or stringy goo off of my lips.

my nordstrom anniversary sale picks

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’tis the season to be shopping… the nordstrom anniversary sale! back in the days, my friends and i would camp out early morning in front of the store. and as soon as the store doors open, we would charge into the store screaming in glee. now a days, there’s less screaming and more clicking. as a new mom, there’s nothing better than online shopping. it’s both convenient and also a little dangerous. luckily, with my postpartum belly fat weighing me down, i didn’t go too crazy this year. instead, i concentrated on pieces that will either hide or restrain my mid section.

here are some of the items i’ve picked up from the sale:


for me:

1. rag & bone ‘margot’ bootie – the perfect fall staple

2. hunter tall rain boot – seattle necessary

3. topshop ‘elton’ washed black denim shirt – easy everyday top

4. zella ‘live in’ capris – official mom’s uniform

5. ‘trailin by’ macrame dress  – fulfills my obsession with white dresses

6. spanx high waist shaping shorts – not sexy, but these work! stocked up!

7. rebecca minkoff clutch – very chanel-esque at a fraction of the price

8. gorjana ‘elea’ cuff – love how simple, yet edgy this shape is

9. nars lip pencil set – best lip liners at a great deal

can’t forget about my little guy:

10. comotomo bottle set – these bottles are super cute

11. little giraffe ‘luxe’ baby blanket – my favorite baby blanket. stocked up!

12. tucker + tate sweater – a little teddy bear sweater for my little teddy


what did you buy from the sale this year?